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Dear CMQHOF Executive Committee (Board members and Guild Reps)
In lieu of an in-person meeting, we held the Fall Oct. 5, 2020 Annual Business Meeting via email
with this as the summary produced afterwards.

Officer Reports:
Vice President: Judy Craddock – no VP specific topics/activities to report.
Secretary: Sharon Vrooman. The meeting minutes from the Oct 2019 was sent out on
9/25/2020 by Pat and were unanimously approved by the Board of Directors via email.
Treasurer: Ellen Adams.
1/08/2020 – $20.00 Eileen Buel – Engraving new 2019 inductees names on plaque
1/10/2020 – $145.90 Betsy Macomber – machine quilting raffle quilt
1/28/2020 – $500 – Debra Steup (currently safeguarding the money) to make quilt racks
3/23/2020 – $71.00 Raffle ticket printing
4/04/2020 – $150.70 Susan Koenig – supplies for quilt rack bases
8/31/2020 – $3,971.35 balance
Historian: Debra Steup – no Historian specific topics/activities to report.


Old Business:

Quilt Show – Debra Steup & Pat Cumming co-chairs.
Racks are to be finished this winter of 2020-2021.
***Debra asks - Once the racks are done where will they be stored? This will need to be
Bases have been completed by Susan Koenig and husband. Have been delivered to Debra Steup.
Raffle Quilt – Sharon Vrooman. The 2020 Quilt Show was canceled due to the pandemic. We
are reserving the raffle quilt ‘A Catskill Mountain Hometown’ for the 2022 show and not
holding the raffle until then. Sharon will need to reprint the quilt raffle tickets.
Charity Project – it was felt that with the pandemic, it should be left to the guilds what charities
they wished to focus on. Many are making face masks for donations to organizations in their
CMQHOF Property loaning – Peggy Morgans. No news from Lance Gaylord regarding a
draft contract for use by CMQHoF when loaning out equipment, ex speaker system, quilt racks,
etc. The need for this is not urgent and it can wait until the Spring meeting.
Book Update: Debra Steup
Last year the board agreed to pursue a follow-on book to The Unbroken Thread, A History of
Quiltmaking in the Catskill by Steve Hoare. Debra Steup is heading up this effort. Monetary
support for this book is via grants, and we are seeking any assistance that guild members can
offer in writing grant requests. Due to the pandemic, this has been on hold. See New Business
for new discussion topic.

New Business:
Judging for induction: Judy Craddock
Application forms, judging criteria and forms have been on the website
Please see dates for the judging under the calendar below.
Reimbursement to guilds for meeting expenses: I would like everyone consider the
following points for a discussion at the Spring meeting.
a) Do we want to continue to offer guilds $50 for hosting the Spring and Fall meetings
(established 5/18/2019 meeting minutes) which will now be held at the Catskill Center
which does not charge for the use of their space? And attendees are to bring their lunch
and beverage with the host providing desserts/coffee.
b) Currently the picnic committee does not receive any reimbursement for supplies. Should
there be something? Or has the $50 also gone to the Picnic Committee because it is a
regular meeting? It has been the practice that the HOF pays for any speakers at the picnic
and either the President of Vice President should sign a contract with the speaker.
c) Do we want to offer the guild hosting the induction ceremony reimbursement of expenses
such as rental fees, speaker fees, program fees? According to the guidelines (7-A-D),
currently the BOD pays for mailing, program printing, and provide to each new inductee
a certificate and silver thimble. While in section 7-A-B it lists The host guild will be
responsible for the following: 1. Location 2 .Guest Speaker 3. Program 4.Refreshments.
I (Pat Clark) would like to recommend that the Guidelines be modified so that the HOF
contracts and pays for the speaker and that a certain maximum dollar amount be decided
upon to provide to the hosting guild to cover rental and other expenses as needed since a
large number attend this ceremony.
Inductee Plaques on the website:
It has been proposed to have the photos of the inductees’ plaques on the CMQHOF website. Pat
Clark is willing to work on putting them there using the photos provided on the thumb drives. It
was agreed that this was a good idea and should be pursued. Assuming this is technically
feasible, it was agreed that it removes the need for the update to The Unbroken Thread book.
Pat was given feedback to organize by date, however the book is by county then date. The
website may dictate some organization techniques for best viewing online.
CHAR500 Designation (informational):
The CMQHOF charity designation on the NYS Charities Bureau registration has the last filing
for period ending 10/31/2017. In January 2020 paper registration was sent to them for year
ending 2019, however after repeated checking it didn’t appear. Thinking they needed to have the
‘gap’ year also, year ending 2018 was submitted in April 2020. With still no online registration
an email was sent with the response that it would take 6 – 8 weeks. With still no online form
appearing, Pat Clark tried on 9/24/20 to register online, setting up an account with the bureau.
When trying to register 2019, it gave a warning that a paper copy had been submitted and filing
online would cause too much confusion. Hopefully that means they are being processed and will
be patient some more.
Spring 2021 Meeting: At the Spring 2021 meeting, for the topics under reimbursements above,
we should make clarifications in the guidelines after discussion at the Spring meeting. Also, we
should clarify in the guidelines whether Viewer’s Choice prizes should be awarded at the Quilt

Calendar (dates added):

Spring Meeting - May 10 – Schoharie Valley Piecmakers Host
Request for Induction Nominations sent to guilds – February 15
Induction/Nominee forms to Judy Craddock - May 24
Induction Committee/Judging - June 7,2021 at 10 am - Catskill Center
Picnic - July 12 – Cairo Piecemakers Host
Induction Ceremony- Sept 18 (RAG being investigated) – Host OPEN
Fall Meeting - Oct 4 – Host OPEN

Facebook Contact: Hilda Pleva ( )
President: Pat Clark 845-297-3160
Vice President: Judy Craddock 518-989-1246
Secretary: Sharon Vrooman 518-295-7753
Treasurer: Ellen Adams 607-363-7414
Historian: Debra Steup 518-622-2270


Happy Quilting,
Pat Clark

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