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President’s Message – Carrying Tradition Forward.
It’s been awhile since the October meeting when new officers were voted in, and I wanted to update everyone on the CMQHOF activities. The theme/goal I’ve chosen for my term is ‘carrying tradition forward’ and during my term of office I will try to have the activities of the CMQHOF reflect this. The CMQHOF was built on tradition and a strong sense of community. Let’s strengthen these traditions as we move forward into a new decade.

With our biennial quilt show sharing our works with the public, having more guild members enter their quilts will strengthen this tradition – one does not need to be an inductee to enter the show. Also, sharing our talents by giving classes within and across guilds is important – see website for instructors and maybe add your name to the list.

Keeping an active online presence allows our quilting community to stay visible and engaged, having programs at the picnic that allow access to speakers by all the guilds, sharing the proceeds of the raffle quilt to charities designated by the member guilds, offering a common yearly theme for the community service project all build our quilting community. Embracing new quilting techniques and tools help keep us current and vital and moving forward.

Once grant funding is obtained, the sequel to the book The Unbroken Thread will also carry our heritage to the future.

If you have any suggestions in line with the CMQHOF’s Mission and By-Laws, please contact me, your guild representative or any of the Officers.

The website is at this link:
Want to add your information to the website as either an instructor or machine quilter? Got pictures to share? Send your information to Pat Clark –
Our Facebook site is

Raffle Quilt update
The name of the quilt is "A Catskill Mountain Hometown" – a picture is on our website. Thanks to everyone who made blocks – in all 56 quilters (too many to list) helped make our ‘Hometown’ possible.
We have been asked to have the quilt at the Empire Quilt Fest Show the first weekend in April.
If anyone knows of any events that the raffle quilt can travel to, please let Sharon Vrooman know so she can schedule. She will be more than happy to either deliver (and pick up) or take the quilt/supplies and work the event herself.
Sharon is also working on designing raffle tickets and show flyers to be ready in the February timeframe.

Quilt Show Update:
The new venue for this year’s show is the MTC – Margaretville Telephone Company, 61 Academy Street, Margaretville and I hear it is fantastic! This building was previously called the Purcell Center. Hold the dates: Quilt Show - Sept (setup 25) 26-27

Admission price at the last show was $3, however the board recently voted to raise it to $5, with children under 10 free to keep in line with other exhibit pricing.
Chairs – Overall Show: Debra Steup and Pat Cumming.
Publicity – Lucci Kelly

The CMQHOF is making our own quilt racks (Debra Steup & Susan Koenig leaders).
A contract will be developed for guilds to borrow these and other equipment, i.e. speaker system.
Pat Clark will get the required event liability insurance.
To keep the education element in the Show - a demo and/or make & take table will be set up. Sharon V is scheduling time slots for the two days.

Book Update:
The board agreed to pursue a follow-on book to The Unbroken Thread, A History of Quiltmaking in the Catskill by Steve Hoare. Debra Steup is heading up this effort. Monetary support for this book is via grants, and we are seeking any assistance that guild members can offer in writing grant requests.


CMQHOF Overall Calendar:

Spring Meeting - May 11th – Catskill Center, Arkville

Picnic - July 13 - the presenter will be Dr. Jacqueline M. Atkins.

Quilt Show - Sept (setup 25) 26-27 – MTC Building, Margaretville

Fall Meeting - Oct 5 - Catskill Center, Arkville


Spring Meeting - May 10

June - Induction Committee/Judging

Picnic - July 12

Induction Ceremony- Sept 18

Fall Meeting - Oct 4

President: Pat Clark 845-297-3160
Vice President: Judy Craddock 518-817-5107
Secretary: Sharon Vrooman 518-295-7753
Treasurer: Ellen Adams 607-363-7414
Historian: Debra Steup 518-622-2270

Happy Quilting,
Pat Clark

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