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Dear CMQHOF Executive Committee (Board members and Guild Reps),

This is an interim update –

With the continuing situation due to the pandemic, the Board members corresponded via email
and phone. Putting safety first, it was agreed on the following:
- There will be no Spring meeting 2021
- There will be no Induction in 2021 – it will be held in 2023. Induction in-person
activities like judging are usually held in early June, which was thought to be too risky
due to the date.

Looking forward to better times, we hope, it was felt that we should combine the Summer
(picnic) meeting with the Fall meeting. The goal is to have an outdoor meeting, possibly the end
of August or in September. The decision on how to proceed on this combined meeting will be
done in the first half of July and communicated to everyone. The then current safety protocols
will be observed.

This is an election year for the Board. The current officers are willing to stay on. However, if
anyone wishes to run for an office please contact Judy Craddock (committee chair) with
nominations. The final confirmed slate will be announced and the voting will occur at the
combined Summer/Fall meeting.

At the Spring meeting we normally chose a charity project, but we will continue to let the guilds
decide which charities they wish to focus on. Many are making face masks for donations to
organizations in their communities, others are making placemats for Meals on Wheels due to the
large number of deliveries with Covid homebound. Please address the needs in your local

A further update will occur this Spring, and any guild wishing to share information across the
membership is invited to submit articles to me (Pat) for inclusion. In addition, if any guild
would like to have a ‘social hour’ with their membership via Zoom, I am willing to host it for
you and help set up and run your meeting. It isn’t hard or scary. Show and Tell is usually the
highlight of these informal get togethers and being able to talk to friends can be especially
uplifting. Just let me know.

Facebook Contact: Hilda Pleva ( )
President: Pat Clark 845-297-3160
Vice President: Judy Craddock 518-989-1246
Secretary: Sharon Vrooman 518-295-7753
Treasurer: Ellen Adams 607-363-7414
Historian: Debra Steup 518-622-2270

Happy Quilting,
Pat Clark

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